Can Accounts Be Hacked On Mu Servers?

When a server is hacked, even a game server, anything goes. A regular work or office server is usually hacked for the sake of sending out spam email or launching attacks on other servers as proxy so that the hackers are protected from law enforcement intervention like the puppet masters that they are. You need to setup your Mu server with topnotch security to prevent hacker shenanigans. The mu servers are relatively safe and well-designed by Webzen in order to guard against hackers. However, hackers are quite crafty so you need to watch out for them when they have a vendetta on you and your other players as they target your specific server. You’ll be amazed at the lengths they’ll go to mess with you or to prove their adeptness.

What’s a Hacked Mu Server Like?

  • Bugs and Lags: A hacked Mu server might undergo terrible things like glitches, bugs, or simply delayed gameplay through Denial of Service attacks and whatnot. It can get worse enough to help facilitate the spread of malware across anyone who connects to the server. However, for the most part, the number one indicator of a hacked server for Mu Online is loads of lag. Lagginess so great that the game is practically unplayable and the server is practically dead.
  • Positive Hacking? Some servers are hacked for the benefit of the players who themselves are hackers. They hack a Mu Online server for the sake of cheating, modifications or doing things you normally can’t do with the game. The server can be exploited by the one who runs the server itself in order to modify the game to run the way he wants it to run or include new classes that aren’t part of the game in the first place.

Why Servers Are Hacked?
More often than not though, a Mu server that’s hacked is exploited so that it’s no longer fully under the control of the one running it. Someone else, the hacker, is controlling your server for his own nefarious purposes, like messing with players, spreading viruses or doing phishing scams in order to acquire sensitive information that they can use in order to commit bank fraud and whatnot. Secure your servers by downloading the app from official Mu providers and not using vulnerable server clients.

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