Do IT Support Companies Do Design Work As Well?

A lot of companies have emerged the society which brought a lot of job opportunity to a lot of people. Different kind of industries and each employee or people behind have the set of skills where they can use and at the same time, it will be an opportunity to help improve and acquire new knowledge and skills.

One of the industries that have been known and many people would like to venture with is the IT industry. With technology today, it has brought a lot of advantages to everyday life especially in businesses or companies. There are different tools needed such as computers, printers, scanners at the same time the networking and servers. Most of the people who are hired in working in IT services or support who are aware and experienced in working in software and hardware.

An IT support core responsibilities are very wide and has a lot of opportunities to use the skills and improve it, here are some of the common duties or responsibilities as IT support.

  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software, systems and networks
  • Monitor and maintain network system
  • Setting up accounts for new users
  • Repair and replace equipment in time of need
  • Providing technical support for the company
  • New technology testing
  • Providing training for junior staff

However, there are also other jobs or responsibilities that an IT support would have and that is website design or making. As part of the new technology, many businesses do already like to have their own websites where many people would be able to see their services online. In order for the website to be connected over the internet, IT makes the design concept and at the same time launching it online. Once it is launch, maintaining and updating the site is also the responsibility of the IT support.

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