Does A Magento Store Locator Display Google Maps Locations?

Physical stores that do have websites can still advertise their business online. On adwords express platforms, the advertising platform will automatically create ads for them, and will create a business location on the Google map. This is a very helpful feature for small businesses like coffee shops, vintage shops, arts and crafts, and the likes, because even if they don’t have websites for their business or shop, they can still have an online presence using the Google map location.

Business verification process

Registering your business on the Google map is a relatively easy process. First, you must enter your business address and search it on the map. Google map would ask if you own the business and then that’s the opportunity for you to register that business on that address. The verification part is easy especially if you are able to provide some valuable information such as details of the store, contact information, and upload some pictures too. If you are using a web hosting server, you can use the magento store locator extension to display your business on Google map and help make it visible on many search results. This is a helpful feature because it makes our business more visible to prospects shopping online and checking out products and services that you may offer as well.

Location optimization

After the verification process, you will receive an email that your business has been verified and that your shop will now start appearing on the map. From this point, the next steps in the process is mostly for optimization. This only means that you would optimize either your website or your business location to have more online presence and relevance and to be able to be more visible on customers doing searches on keywords that would be relevant to your business or shop.

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